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Youth Exchange Scholarships


See the World With Rotary Youth Exchange!

Rotary District 6150 Youth Exchange Scholarship

High school year abroad, valued at $20,000.
The Long Term Program fee of covers exchange arrangements, orientation, room, board, tuition, allowance and Rotary support.

Summer abroad, valued at $2,000.
The Short Term Program covers exchange arrangements, orientation, room, board and Rotary support for up to one month.

Scholarships available for students age 15-19.
The student/family pays for things not covered by the scholarship: airfare, insurance, plus other reasonable fees/costs.  A Supplemental Scholarship Fund may help with these expenses.

For further information, click here.

Have you always dreamed of:

Traveling the World?


Living in another Country?


Being fluent in another language?


Application Deadlines

High School Year Abroad: on or before
November 1 for following school year

Summer Abroad: on or
before January 31

U.S. Department of State
Program P-3-04516

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