District Grants

District Grants are a tool for Rotary clubs and districts to support humanitarian projects that benefit the community. Districts can request up to 50 percent of District Designated Funds (DDF) for a grant to support multiple projects locally or internationally.

Special COVID-19 procedure for qualifying for District Grants

  1. Clubs qualify to apply for district grants by clicking here to view the Rotary Foundation Basics webinar 
  2. Once both club members who will sign the Memorandum of Understanding have viewed the webinar, click here to download the "Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding".
  3. Scan the completed and signed MOU and rename the file "MOU2021-{clubname}.pdf" (example: MOU2021-Heber-Springs.pdf)
  4. Click here to submit your completed MOU.

    Do you have questions or need help submitting your MOU? Send an email by clicking here.

To apply for District Grants and submit final reports, clubs must use the Grants module in the District and Club Database (DACdb)

Deadline for 2021-22 District Grant Application is Aug. 31, 2021

  1. Click here to log into DACdb

    1. Click on the "My CLUB" tab
    2. Click on the "Club Grants" icon
    (your icons may be arranged in a different order from the example below)

    Access District Grants Module

  2. District Grant Final Report Instructions - click here.

Deadline for 2020-21 District Grant Cycle Final Report is Oct. 1, 2021.

All Final Reports are submitted through DACdb.

If your club has not had your final report(s) approved by the District by the time the review committee meets in the middle of September your club will not be considered for a “new” grant.  Therefore, if a 2020-21 project cannot be completed by the report deadline for legitimate reasons,
PDG Darlene Andrews (District Grants Chair)

should be notified with the details.

Click HERE to send Darlene Andrews a message.

NOTE:  To return unspent money, write a check to District 6150 Grants and indicate exactly what grant it is from and send to:

District 6150 Grants
c/o Gene Wing
2600 Cottonwood
Jonesboro, AR, 72401

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